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Terms & Conditions

*Note that your failure to read our terms and conditions, whether intentional or accidental will under no circumstances be reason to consider them altered or void.

All tortoises and turtles that are under 4 inches in length are for educational, research, exhibition or zoological purposes only. They are not sold as pets.


Dry goods:
We ship via USPS using flat-rate boxes to reduce your expense. We can arrange other shipping methods on a case by case basis.

Live animals:
Arizona Tortoise Compound is a verified shippers through Fed Ex , Southwest Airlines & Delta Airlines. Depending on the size and quantity of items ordered we will decide which shipping method is best. We package each animal in an insulated cardboard boxes. Smaller animals are contained within the box using deli cups, while larger animals will be secured with a reptile bag or shipped securely. We use heat and cold packs depending on the seasons. Air holes are added to the shipping containers during the warmer months to provide air flow. Winter months we do not add air holes so the heat with stay contained within the shipping box. Our shipping containers are not air tight, so the animals will be able to breath during the duration of shipping. The boxes are clearly marked " Live Animals " and every precaution is taken while packaging your order. We soak all tortoise before shipping so they are well hydrated. We guarantee all animals to arrive alive and healthy. Live arrival is guaranteed unless caused by carrier delays or mishandling resulting in DOA by the carrier. Also if your not home to receive the order on the first delivery attempt live arrival is not guaranteed. If shipped by Southwest Airlines or Delta, you will need to be at the Cargo hold ready for pickup within an hour of the flight arrival. In the unlikely event of a D.O.A. we will require a phone call within the first hour after receiving the animal. A time/date stamped photo will also be required as proof of loss. We reserve the right to ship a replacement animal or issue a refund at our discretion. Proper shipping addresses and phone numbers must be provided to ensure the Live Arrival Guarantee. Shipping costs are non-refundable. All "wholesale" orders are final. Any questions or concerns about our Terms & Conditions please email us at andy@arizonatortoisecompound.com.

Arizona Tortoise Compound strives to have a 100% satisfaction status with our customers. If for any reason someone is not happy with a situation, an order placed or information provided,please contact us first. We will work with you and do our best to correct the situation of concern. Our customer service standards are what set us apart from other companies. But anyone that takes an issue to any of the online forums within this industry/hobby/community and attempts to publish a negative thread and/or post about Arizona Tortoise Compound or employees you will not receive any compensation of any sort. Arizona Tortoise Compound and owner Andrew Hermes will not take part in any discussions or arguments in these forums.

                (all conditions of delivery must be met for guarantee to apply)