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Red/Yellow Foot Tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria/denticulata)

Red and Yellowfoot Tortoises are opportunistic grazers and enjoy broad leaf plants. However they also eat overripe fruit and carrion, insects and worms. The best diet is one that contains a wide variety of weeds (leaves and flowers), greens, vegetables and fruit.
A good starting point:

  • Greens : turnip greens, collards, kale, red & green leaf lettuce, endive, escarole, chicory, dandelion, grasses
  • Fruit: papaya, mangoes, apples, melons, cactus fruit etc
  • Vegetables: all squash, carrots, occasionally green beans
  • Animal matter: once in awhile feed a source of animal protein. Such as earthworms or snails.
  • Mushrooms like the Portabella are also enjoyed

These tortoises should have water available at all times. The dish should be large enough for them to soak in. Outdoors they enjoy a small wading pool. They also love to wallow in mud. Humidity is important so if you live in a dry climate, additional moisture will be needed in the form a sprinklers and misters. There should be a heavily planted area to provide cover and additional humidity

The indoor enclosure needs to be roomy with ambient temps of 75-80 degrees and a basking area of 90 degrees. The basking lamp should be a high quality one.

Adult tortoises can stay outdoors 24/7 as long as the night time temps are 60 degrees or above. A large enclosure is needed outdoors, 4 feet by 6 feet or larger. Cypress bark as a substrate helps retain humidity.

Redfoot tortoises often reach a length of 10-14 inches, although they can be larger (16 inches or more). They can reach weights up to 30 pounds. A slightly smaller variety is also being sold, commonly called the cherry-head that only attains a length of 10 - 12 inches as an adult. This Brazilian sub species has a distinct marbled plastron and sometimes the carapace is also marbled. Yellowfoot tortoises are the larger of the three and often reach 16+ in length as adults.