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Opuntia (prickly pear) Cactus Pads

Opuntia (prickly pear) Cactus Pads
Semi-spineless cactus pads. Full of calcium, moisture and fiber. Integral part of a well-balanced diet. Grown without pesticides and both varieties are ready to eat for your tortoise. 4 pads or approx. 3lbs. Normally we added a few extra pounds to fill the shipping container. The planting variety is thick and almost no spines at all. The thin for feeding variety does have long spines that are very easy to cut off or feed directly to the tortoises. Spines will not hurt the tortoise. Shipping of this item is more then the cost of the product due to its size and weight.

**Please specify if you want thicker pads for planting or thin, new growth for feeding**
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