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Sonoran Desert Tortoises

ATC does rescue and re-home native Desert Tortoises (Gopherus morafkai) locally in Arizona only. Arizona Game and Fish are the only ones with a credited facility to be able to rescue and re-home native Desert Tortoises. A.T.C. simply re-homes some that are dropped off at our location from time to time. Contact us to see our availability, only after you have contacted AZ Game and Fish first. Also if you have rescued Sonoron Desert Tortoises that are in need of care or re-homing, again please contact Arizona Game and Fish first!

Remember that it is not only illegal to release a captive desert tortoise into the wild, doing so is also detrimental to wild tortoises because it can spread disease and disrupt uniquely adapted genetics in wild populations. It is also illegal and detrimental to desert tortoise populations to collect tortoises from the wild. Desert tortoises cannot be adopted outside of their natural range. You may adopt a desert tortoise if you live in the Phoenix, Bullhead City, Kingman, Lake Havasu, Tucson, and Yuma areas. Desert tortoises cannot survive the severe winters that occur in the northeastern or southeastern regions of the state.

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