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Albinism in Tortoises

Albino Tortoises have characteristic pink or bright red eyes. This is due to the lack of pigment in the iris which allows the blood vessels of the retna to be visible. Shell and skin color of Albino's have a bright yellow coloration to it. Tyrosine Positive Albino is a form of Albinism that produces a dark ruby red eyed form of albino which is called "Ivory". The shell an skin color of these also differ from Albinos as where the Ivories have a more white coloration.

Maintaining and enjoying Albino Sulcata Tortoises is very much the same approach as normal Sulcata Tortoises. A Few different details are needed for the Albinism trait to better thrive. Damage to their eyes and skin from intense sun rays are the number one concern. There is a number of ways to protect your Albino from getting skin cancer or having their eyes damaged. Direct sunlight is not harmful in short amounts. To prevent sun damage to their skin and shell a water proof, unscented sunscreen cream with Zinc Oxide, with organic ingredients can be used. Spread the cream over all of the surface of the tortoise but avoid their eyes and mouth. Also to help your Albino Sulcata in protection from harsh sunlight you can provide shade as well as a mud hole on one side of the enclosure. Sulcata Tortoises enjoy splashing mud on to themselves and in doing so it is a natural way to protect themselves from heat and UV rays. Having your enclosure placed on the east side of a structure will further help with shade.

Calcium is important for every species of tortoise as apart of its diet to ensure firm shell growth. While many Albinos have pasted the fragile hatchling stage with powdered calcium, most tortoise keepers prefer to offer their Albinos liquid calcium that can be sprayed on to there greens or other food options. The thought is being in a liquid form, the Albinos are able to process it better. Cuttle-fish bones can be offered once they hatchling has started to show new growth. Again, in terms of hydration, feeding and temperatures caring for and raising an Albino is the same as a normal Sulcata Tortoise. Remember variety and moderation is the best approuch to feeding tortoises high fiber, low protien edibles.